Complete course of Sound Engineering

Who is it for?

Musicians, composers, arrangers, students who want to deepen the theory and technique of recording, mixing and music production and acquire the necessary skills to independently produce their own music.

Sede del corso: ONLINE
Durata del corso: 5 mesi – lezioni di 3 ore a cadenza settimanale
Nr. massimo studenti per corso: 4 
DAW di riferimento per il corso: Logic Pro X 10.6.x
Attestato di frequenza e superamento test finale 
Requisiti: Mac/PC, connessione a internet, scheda audio e tanta passione!

Course program

Each topic is treated from the theoretical explanatory point of view and then applied in practical exercises .
In particular, the following topics are treated and deepened:

  • studio overview - study and in-depth analysis of the main aspects and equipment of the production studio, from Home-Studio to Pro-Studio;
  • studio monitors - characteristics and criteria for selecting appropriate listening, frequency response, efficiency, sizing, Active Monitors vs Passive Monitors, amplification;
  • studio wiring , learning and following the path of analog and digital signals, connections, cables, connectors;
  • audio interfaces - characteristics of sound cards, AD / DA conversion, connections (in / out, midi, clock and others), sample rate, bit-depth;
  • digital audio formats and conversion between formats;
  • mixer and control surfaces –  inputs, outputs, aux sends, inserts, gain, faders, pan;
  • microphones - dynamic, condenser, ribbon and related polar diagrams;
  • DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) – Apple Logic Pro X 10.6.x
  • microphone use – mono, stereo A-B, stereo X-Y, stereo M-S;
  • microphone positioning for the main instruments;
  • dynamics processors – compressor, limiter, noise-gate, expander;
  • signal processors – EQ, reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser;
  • audio restoration – de-noiser, de-clicker, de-crackle;
  • audio analysis – spectrum analyzer, phase correlator, stereo imager, loudness meter;
  • sequencer - using the DAW as a multi-track recorder, advanced editing functions, cut / fade / x-fade, take management;
  • mixing - all stages of mixing and applying plugins in insert and send ;
  • VST Instruments (or Audio Unit), sampler, synth, drum machine;
  • mastering - post production and obtaining the finished product optimized according to the intended use (print, broadcast, streaming services such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc.).


Make all the correct hardware connections (audio / midi signal path and related routing)

Understand and correctly use the technological infrastructure necessary for recording, mixing and music production operations

Deep understanding and correctly use of the main functions and potential of a DAW such as Logic X Pro 10.6.x and any similar product (Ableton, FL Studio, Cubase and others)

Understanding and knowing how to rationally and logically use signal and dynamic processors, both hardware and software

Design and complete all stages of music production until the finished product is obtained

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acquisto valido solo per il corso con inizio MAGGIO 2021
749,00 (€ 12,50/h)
  • Complete course of 60 hours divided into 20 weekly lessons
  • From wiring the equipment to mixing & mastering the track
  • Live Online mode on Zoom platform, no video tutorials to follow
  • Large amount of time dedicated to practical tests with the tutoring of the teacher
  • Max 4 students per group to guarantee the quality of teaching
  • Certificate of attendance and passing of the final exam
  • Extra 10% discount for students of Conservatories and AFAM schools *
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