Mastering Only

If you already have your music mixed, you can choose our Mastering Only Service

Mastering is the last step in post-production, just before cd printing process and finished product publishing. It’s a very fine and delicate work, modifying sound on the edge of details caught by expert ears,  without, however, making the sound engineer’s mixing work vain. Indeed, one of the aims of the Mastering is precisely to enhance the product of the work of artists and sound engineers, so as to make the finished product more appealing and accessible from the market.

Mastering process can be applied to stereo track obtained

The mastering process can be performed on the stereo track obtained with mixing (Stereo Mastering) or from 2 or more audio stems (Stem Mastering).

Processing time: 7-10 business days (Rush Service available as optional, processing time: 2 business days)

Mastering is a process that allows you to optimize the final result, to have a full-bodied, defined, present sound at the level of market expectations.

Mastering process includes the following steps:

  • meticulous control of any distortion, clipping, digital clicks
  • fade in/out
  • signal processing (EQ, stereo/multiband compressor)
  • phase and mono compatibility check (in order to be correctly played in radio, pubs, web sites, laptops, etc…)
  • control, improvement and correction of stereo spatiality
  • dynamic processing (limiter, loudness)
  • sample frequency conversion and dithering

2 free revisions included (within 30 days from first audition file delivery)

Available options selectable via product configuration:

  • Additional Mixes (radio edit, extended mix, instrumental, NO profanity)
  • Rush Service
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • DDPi

All selected options do not lead to longer delivery time!