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Professional Mix & Mastering service

up to 13 tacks per album

Golden Bundle Options:

Audio Tracks per song
Professional Mixing & Mastering service up to 13 songs
Up to 48 audio tracks per song: INCLUDED
Golden Bundle - Audio Tracks
Vox Editing / Autotune
Vox Editing/Autotune Lead Vox only (1 per song): INCLUDED
Vox Editing/Autotune 4 Vox tracks (lead + 3 backing vocals) per song: OPTIONAL
Rhythm Editing
Rhythm Editing up to 3 Rhythm tracks per song: OPTIONAL
Multi-track Output
Exports every single audio of the mix, including processing and treatment.
Master creation following DDPi standards for music production
2 free revisions: INCLUDED
Golden Bundle - Revisions – 2 revisions per song
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