1. Make sure you have registered on the site, if you have not already done so you can do it by clicking here: REGISTER
  2. Download the parts related to your instrument, you can find them here: PARTS
  3. We remind you that the tuning must be at 442 hz!
  4. Watch the video of Maestro Alessandro Crudele HERE to follow Tempi, dynamics and musical intentions;
  5. Record a video in LANDSCAPE MODE (keep your smartphone horizontally) with your smartphone or computer by following Alessandro’s video while directing and / or listening to the reference audio (use a headset to avoid audio feedback!);
  6. We would be very pleased if you also wanted to record with your smartphone a video greeting to share on social media, like this: “Hi, I am NAME SURNAME, I play the INSTRUMENT and I would like you to play with me on loveproject2020! “
  7. If you can, rename the file as follows: PART_SURNAME NAME (e.g. VIOLIN II_SMITH JOHN)
  8. Connect to the WeTransfer site; click on ADD FILE and upload your video (your greeting video too);
  9. Enter our email (copy / paste for security) as recipient and yours as sender;
  10. Almost there: in the MESSAGE space write ONLY your data: Surname, Name, Instrument (Violin I, Violin II, Horn I, …), Nationality
  11. Click on TRANSFER and you’re done!

Don’t forget to update your profile with your picture and to follow and like the Facebook Page at